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Peter A. Roe
May 17, 2021
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FreePoint 2 is the latest version of an App designed to help travellers point a directional aerial on their caravan or motorhome for best Freeview and Freesat TV reception. The purchase price includes a database of over 6500 caravan, motorhome and camping sites with a ranked list of aerial alignment recommendations already built-in to the app. Users can save favourite club sites in My Sites database and add sites, including new club sites, to both databases from a postcode or the phone/tablets GPS location.

Sites entries can be edited, with users notes and deleted from My Sites and Club Sites to maintain the database of locations and keep them up to date.

The displayed results can used to set the aerial orientation, vertical or horizontal, then point it in the recommended direction, using the Apps versatile map view or a compass. Finally re-tune the TV on automatic, or on one of the channels in the listed results. Note that it is not necessary to be on-line when using the sites database unless you are using the map view.

Astra2 satellite azimuth and elevation settings are shown, together with a vector drawn on the map, to aid Freesat dish alignment.

You can use Freepoint on site, provided there is a WiFi or 3/4/5G Internet connection available, to obtain the results at that location. FreePoint gives reception predictions using an online TV prediction site that is based on postcodes. The nearest postcode is provided by the app for your current location either from your phone GPS or the mobile network.

Freeview is a nation wide digital network but not all locations in the UK, particularly remote sites in Scotland, can receive the signals. Astra 2 satellite dish settings are provided so that Freesat can be tried in these situations. Remember that TV signals are affected by nearby obstacles and interference, so no guarantee can be given or implied, that the recommended settings will work 100% of the time. Even small changes can affect the signal quality and by its nature digital television tends to be 'all or nothing'. If the first choice is a local fill-in station, usually vertical polarisation and only a short distance away, the transmitter may be directional and you may be the wrong side. The second or third longer distant regional transmitter may actually be your best option. Freepoint provides you with three possible alignments to try to give the best chance of success.

FreePoint 2 requires Android 5.0 or above. Database updates will be made at least once per year and installing them will be an option to avoid overwriting a fully user managed database. The initial purchase price includes all updates, there are no subscriptions, ads or gotchas!
FreePoint 2

What's new

Version 21.1.1 - 107
There are some bug fixes for redraw vectors and New Place results are now properly downloaded for 3 mobile users. More network checks and progress pop ups.